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BEAUTY            NAILS         HOLISTIC

I am fully qualified in all male waxing, from brows to toes and everything in between.

Proud to be gay/transgender/transvestite friendly!


please note our wax is suitable for vegans


Eyebrow shape.......£10

Nose wax........ £5

Ears waxed.......  £5

Eyebrow tint (cover those greys and takes years off)....... £7

Lash tint....... £14


Underarm wax......  £10

Forearm wax...... £15


Half leg wax...... £15

Full leg wax..... £26


Chest wax..... £20

Back wax.... £20


Brozillian....... £40


Swissdermyl Facials

SWISSDERMYL from Switzerland are a luxurious facial and skincare range, tailored just for you. With over 40 years of research and development Swissdermyl facials are completely bespoke: No two skins are the same and therefore no two Swissdermal facials are the same.

Combining the benefits of refined plant extracts, essential oils and sophisticated molecules from scientific technology, Swissdermyl is a high performance skin care range. The success of Swissdermyl is the specific advanced formula in each and every product.

We offer a Swissdermyl facial to suit all skin types. Anti-ageing, pigmentation, congested skin, rehydration etc. You will receive a full consultation with a skin analysis at the beginning of your treatment. Your Swissdermyl facial will then commence. This will be finished with a prescription advising you of products used and recommendations for home care.

We know you will be just as delighted as we are when you experience the true luxury of a Swissdermyl facial. We have a facial for all skin types. All Swissdermyl facials are anti-ageing and are taylor made to suit each skin type.

MARINE MAS​K  SENSITIVE SKIN FACIAL-calming & remineralising.....

gentle double cleanser, toner,enzyme peel & steam 5-10mins & scalp massage, extraction if r​equired, Bio aroma E, azulene ampoule, face,neck,chest and shoulder massage,marine mask with 20min scalp massage while the mask is working, followed by serum and sensative face cream. 1hr £45


gentle double cleanser, toner,enzyme peel & steam 5-10mins & scalp massage, extraction if required, Bio aroma E, Royal jelly ampoule, face,neck,chest and shoulder massage, Nourishing Mask Vitamin C with a 20min scalp massage while the mask is working, followed by serum and a Nourishing cream. 1hr £45

BIO MASK ACNE OR OILY SKIN FACIAL Balancing treatment.....

Bio gel cleanse, Bio cream with aluminium foil wrap and steam for 10-15mins with a scalp massage, extraction if required, Bio aroma E, iris ampole, face,neck and scalp massage, Bio Mask and a 20min scalp massage while the mask is working, balancing serum and a balancing cream. 1hr £45


Gentle double cleanser, tone, enzyme peel and steam 5-10mins and scalp massage, extraction if required, Bio aroma E, Phyto complexe no 5, face,neck and shoulder massage, Phyto Mask, 20min scalp massage while the mask is working, skin renewing cream. 1hr 15mins £50

Facial peel £50

High frequency facial £45

Orli hair treatment 20mins £20 or add to any facial for just £10

Microdermabrasion facial 30mins £30

Microdermabrasion facial and a collagen mask 45mins £40

LED Mask £10 if added on to any facial or microdermabrasion

LED Mask 30 mins £25

Coolifting (look 10yrs younger) 30MINS £70


(facial for your back) includes cleanse,exfoliate,steam,extraction, massage with a pre blended oil,mud mask and moisturiser 60mins £40


our oil is suitable for vegans

Hot Thia herbal compress full body massage................. £55

(60mins) ​Hot Thia ​Using herbal ball to treat the tension and stress. It is a cotton bag with healing herbs, this herbal compress is steamed and applied on the skin.The essential oils and heat open the pores and​ relax m​uscles. The herbal ball compress helps energizes the body, improves lymphatics system and blood circulation, also relieves joint and muscle pain and is so relaxing you just drift away.

Hot Stone Mass​age​

Stone therapy has become increasingly popular over the last few year. It is now accepted as one of the main services on offer in many salon and spas. Many clients prefer a stone therapy service to a more traditional manual massage, because of the combined effect of heat and massage, and the deep massage technique that can be achieved. Traditionally basalt stones are used, sourced from riverbeds and seashores. These stones are said to be closely connected to the earth and have a life and energy of their own. This energy needs to be nurtured and protected to maintain the healing ability of the stone therapy service.

Hot stone body massage 60mins................. £45

Hot stone back,neck and shoulder 30mins............... £35

Aromatherapy full body massage ................ £40

(60mins)Using aroma or smell for their ability to bring feelings of well-being. Stress is a major contributing factor in many diseases and disorders such as high blood pressure and tension, heart disease and people are looking for alternative ways to help them to be a better quality of life. Using massage with pre-blended aromatherapy oils to help reduce the busy modern life.

The massage pressure from hands help to spread and push the oils into the skin. Heat helps the oils to be absorbed more easily and the effects of manual manipulation help the client to relax.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage combined with oil, stimulating the tissue of the body help promote health and rejuvenated. oil massages are designed to let the hand slide more easily during massage. And oil massage can provide maximum relaxation for both body and soul. oil massage is a wonderful way to relive the stress and tension in your body during a tiring day

full body massage 60mins................ £35

Back,neck and shoulder 30mins................ £25

Reflexology and foot massage

Reflexology is gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the food to produce an effect else where in the body. It is believed that relieve stress and pain, helps the blockage of an energy field.

30mins................ £25

60mins................. £40

Orli candle body massage

​Orli candle massage.............. £40

(60mins) massage candles are unique in that they aren't simply candles, they are a solid form of massage oil that is melted with a burning wick. The wax melts at a temperature only slightly higher than your own body temperature and is poured off the candle and directly onto your skin.

Traditional Indian hea​d massage

This soothing yet energising therapy has been practised all over India for thousands of years. Treatment is carried out whilst the client is seated in a comfortable chair and can be performed with or without oil. As is the case with the other types of massage therapy, Indian head massage helps to combat and bring relief from various stress related and physical health conditions such as tension headaches and migraine, muscular pain and stiffness. Tight knotty muscle fibres are smoothed and soothed, while sinuses are clearer. In this relaxed state, restful and restorative sleep usually follows. Many advocates of Indian head massage will tell you that that regular treatment also promotes a healthy head of hair!

Traditional Indian head massage 30mins (with or without oil).............. £25

Hopi Ear Candle

Ear candles are completely natural products which are carefully hand crafted, with each candle constructed from organically grown flax, honey extracts, beeswax and therapeutic herbs, including Chamomile, Sage and St John’s Wort.

The candles are approximately 20cm long, hollow tubes, one end of which is gently inserted into the opening of the ear canal whilst the other end is lit. The movement of the flame creates a vibration of air within the candle, helping to generate a massage-like effect on the eardrum.

The recipient experiences a pleasant feeling of warmth in the ear, together with a balancing of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. The entire process is extremely relaxing and soothing and has traditionally been used for earache, blocked sinuses, headache, ear noise, and everyday stresses and nervousness.

Hopi ear candle with facial pressure points massage 45mins................ £30


suitable for vegans

St Tropez full body spray tan (best in hair free areas) £20

Half body (waist up or waist down) £10


Manly Manicure & Hand Massage £15

Callus peel (feet) deep conditioning treatment to soften hard calluses quickly,then scrape away the rough skin to leave them clean and soft.... £20